The Extended Essay is one of the three core elements of the IBDP. It is an independent research in a subject of the student’s choice that leads to a 4000-word essay.

The Extended Essay process extends from November of Grade 11 to November of Grade 12 at IKNS. The student selects the subject and topic he/she is interested in and works on a concise research question. Based on this he is assigned a member of staff as a supervisor. The supervisor supports the student in refining the research question, finding suitable sources, deciding on the methodology of the research and ensuring the authenticity of the work.

Students at IKNS have one period per cycle allocated to Extended Essay work in Grade 11. They receive guidance on academic writing and familiarize themselves with the subject specific requirements before deciding on their own research topic and question.

IKNS students have engaged in interesting extended essays in most subjects areas. These essays are made available to read in the library.

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