Higher Level (HL) courses require 240 hours to be covered. They provide students with in-depth preparation for their university studies. UK universities treat HL courses as equivalent to A-levels. While Standard Level (SL) subjects require 150 hours to be covered. They provide students with breadth and a well-balanced education.

IKNS allocates five hours (lessons) per cycle (1 cycle is 6 school days) for HL courses over Grades 11 and 12, while SL courses are allocated four hours in Grade 11 and three hours in Grade 12.

IBDP students have three teacher-supervised Study Periods in grade 11 which they use for managing the demands of the programme. This includes organizing their Extended Essay, Internal Assessments, reading and working on assignments, and later on, working on college applications and personal statement, among other things. The teacher-supervised Study Periods is time provided to students to develop their Approaches to Learning Skills.

Grade 12 students continue to have three teacher-supervised study periods, and also have two free periods. During the free periods, students may use the Media Centre, the Career Lab or the Students’ Lounge for private study.

HL courses have an added value of 1.5 GP and SL courses have an added value of 1.0 GP. When calculating a student’s annual average 15% is added to an HL average and 10% is added to an SL average.

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