All students need to satisfy the Ibn Khuldoon National School Graduation Requirements.

In order to be eligible for graduation, IKNS students must have a record of regular attendance and acceptable discipline. The total number of credits attempted (G9 to G12) is 29.75 credits. The minimum credits required for graduation is 27.75 credits. A student may graduate with one credit less in major subjects (other than Arabic and English) and one credit less in minor subjects (other than Islamic Studies).

IKNS Students must have earned the following credits in grades 9-12:

  • Major subject credits:
    • 4.0 credits in Arabic
    • 4.0 credits in English
    • 3.0 credits in mathematics (at least)
    • 3.0 credits in Science (at least)
    • 3.0 credits in Social Science (at least)
  • Minor subject credits:
    • 2.0 credits in Islamic Studies (for Muslim Students)
    • 2.0 credit of National Social Studies (1.0 credit for IB students)
    • 2.0 credits of Physical Education (for eligible students)
    • 0.5 credits of grade 9 electives
    • 1.0 credit of Theory of Knowledge (IB students only)
  • 6.0 credits selected from:
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Art
    • Computing Studies

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