Article 6

Duties of the Officers of the Board of Trustees

The Board elects from its members and for a period of 3 years renewable - the following three officers:

Vice Chairman

Their duties and prerogatives are as follows:

  1. Chairman of the Board of Trustees:
    The Chairman is the legal representative of the school in front of all organizations and persons. He chairs the meeting of the Board of Trustees and resigns its minutes along with the secretary. The Chairman may delegate his prerogatives to another member.
  2. Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees:
    The Vice Chairman assumes all duties and prerogatives of the Chairman in his absence. The board may, in addition, assign some specific duties of the Chairman to the Vice Chairman.
  3. Secretary:
    The Secretary of the Board of Trustees prepares the agenda and the minutes of the Board meetings and signs them along with the Chairman. The secretary supervises and keeps all written documentation including correspondence files, legal papers and contracts pertaining to the Board of Trustees.