Article 2

Goals of the School

  • The school aims to contribute to the general education in Bahrain, its development, improvement, and helping its students develop from the academic, cultural, and social aspects. It does so while maintaining and promoting the national identity through a bilingual co-educational program in which students are admitted on the basis of the academic qualifications without discrimination.
  • The Ibn Khuldoon National School also aims to help its national faculty and staff to develop professional qualifications.
  • The school aims at developing the students academically, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually through:
    1. Providing a KG instructional program which is consistent with the educational policies of the Kingdom of Bahrain, with requirements of the modern times and with individual and social future needs.
    2. Developing the media and methods of instruction based on recent instructional necessities and research.
    3. Identifying student’s potential and supporting his creative abilities with caring and following up in order to help him contribute to the development of his country and to serve the Arabic, Islamic, and World Communities.
  • In order to realize its aims, the school will use the following:
    1. Cooperate and Coordinate with the Governmental Institution and the private and foreign educational centers in order to develop programs at all levels.
    2. Form committees responsible for the development and supervision of the implementation of the school policies and programs.
    3. Organize training programs for the faculty and administration.
    4. Cooperate and coordinate with public and private sectors and with individuals in order to ensure financial and moral support to the school and its programs.
    5. Organize cultural, athletic and charity events inside or outside Bahrain and participate in such events organized by others.