Article 16

The School Budget

  1. The revenues of the school budget are: 
  • Tuition fees
  • Supporting funds, gifts, and donations accepted by the school
  • Fund raising activities done by the school
  • Benefits and interest from school money investments
  1. Cash money collected from fees, donations, and from other resources is considered school property
  2. All school funds are deposited in any bank in Bahrain under the school’s name.
  3. An authorization for money withdrawal is given to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the treasurer, or any acting member by the Board of Directors
  4. The school year starts 1st of September and ends 31st of August each year
  5. All payments should be authorized by the of Board of Directors, and they have to be limited to school needs according to the constitution and financial regulations
In cases of emergency, the Chairman of the Board of Directors may authorize payments that have to be justified at the first subsequent meeting of the Board supported with documents.