Article 10

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 8 members selected as follows:

  • 6 members elected by the Board of Trustees among its members for a period of 3 years – renewable. They hold the following offices; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Finance Committee, Secretary, Chairman of the Education Committee and Chairman of the Technical Committee.
  • The Chairman of the PTSA or his/her representative is an ex-officio member on the Board of Directors as long as he/she is a member in the PTSA.
  • The Representative of the Ministry of Education, who has no voting right.

The Board of Directors is the executive body that supervises all educational, financial, and technical matters of the school, in order to ensure the proper implementation of the policies and plans approved by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  1. Forming committees’ and defining their duties and prerogatives
  2. Recommending to the Board appointment or termination of the contract of the school president and defining conditions of his/her assignments.
  3. Approving appointment or termination of School Principal upon recommendation of the President.
  4. Follow up on reports of the educational committee, financial committee, and technical committee and making decisions with regard to their recommendations.
  5. Discussing the proposed operational budget submitted by the school administration and recommending the budget to the Board of Trustees including school fees and salary scales.
  6. Following up on financial reports and approving any modifications needed.
  7. Following up on reports of the school administration and making decisions with regard to recommendations submitted.
  8. Preparing and studying recommendations to the Board of Trustees with regard to policies, plans, and regulations. In particular:
    1. Executive regulations relating to educational, administrative, and financial matters.
    2. Main goals of the educational programmes.
    3. Rules and regulations related to rights and duties of the faculty.
    4. Staff matters and salary scales to all school employees.
    5. Policy on recognition and penalty
    6. Regulations concerning participation of faculty members in conferences, workshops and delegation to educational events and approving the absence during such delegations.
    7. Approval of conferences, cultural and educational events organized by the school and approval of participation of the school in such activities when organized by other institutions.

The Board has the right to request the assistance of consultants and specialists from within or outside the school and invite them to attend the Board meetings and contribute to its discussions without voting right. The Board may delegate some of its duties to the Chairman of the Board or to the President of the School.