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IKNS New Kindergarten and Elementary Buildings


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Dear Parents and Students,


New Kindergarten and Elementary Buildings


I am writing to gladly inform you that the work on the new Kindergarten and Elementary buildings commenced on the 14th of December 2018.  Mohamed Salahuddin Consulting Engineering Bureau (MSCEB), the School Consultant, will be supervising the construction works that have been awarded to Poullaides Construction Co (PCC).  Both companies, MSCEB and PCC, are pioneers in the fields they are specialized in, and we are very proud to be working with them. 


The new facilities are designed with the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) in mind.  The classrooms are spacious allowing students to work collaboratively towards their learning that is facilitated by the ICT means that these rooms make available for the use of students and teachers.  The focal point in the first floor of the Elementary building is the Media Center that provides students with opportunities to develop as knowledgeable inquirers and communicators.  The Media Center is surrounded by the Music labs, Music and Art rooms and Drama Hall, that aim to support the Visual and Performing Arts segments of the PYP.   Also on the first floor, and opposite to the Media Center, lies the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) Center, that aims to inspire integrative learning within these disciplines in fun and creative ways that appeal to the students of the twenty-first century. 


The First floor also comprises a cafeteria that seats 640 students.  We aspire, not only to continue to help our students to develop awareness towards current and future environmental issues, but we aim to continue to encourage them to take corrective actions towards these issue.  These actions, we believe, are best tackled in a practical manner. While the cafeteria is a place to enjoy a meal, it is also a place to learn to recycle, reuse and reduce.  For this reason, we made sure to allocate some space within the cafeteria for students to manage the waste in order to encourage them to develop awareness about such issues, then take action that we believe starts within the individual before it spreads outwards.


There are two prayer rooms located in a central location on the first floor adjacent to the Grades 3, 4 and 5 classrooms and the teachers’ lounge.  The prayers rooms are for students and faculty members to use.  We aim to continue to provide students with the means and opportunities to assume roles as principled, open-minded, caring, balanced and reflective members of the society. 


The new facility also has an indoor double-height gymnasium with its entrance located on the ground floor, and a second one that is accessed from the first floor.  The outside play area includes a mini soccer field, a shaded play zone equipped with outdoor play equipment and an open turfed play area.


The Kindergarten students will enjoy their secluded block that has its own indoor and outdoor play areas.  The classrooms and play areas of the Kindergarten are designed with special attention to the safety of the little ones. 


The project also features a dedicated auditorium with a prefunctions area.  The auditorium is designed to seat over 300 individuals with professional sound and light systems that would give the performing students and their audience a thrill.


The new facilities are planned to be ready to receive the students in September 2020.


On another note, dealing with the traffic is a necessity that we must face in order to provide a permanent solution.  The new facilities have an enclosed parking area for the parents within the school premises and an underground parking area for the faculty.  But most importantly, there will be a private service road that joins Road 4111 (opposite to the school’s main gates) and 16th December Highway, with car parking slots along both sides of this long road. 


As the Contractor started moving their machinery into the sand field, a smaller section of the Kindergarten and Elementary car park area will be available for parents’ cars to park starting January 2019.  This area will be fully fenced from the construction area to ensure the safety of the students.  If you notice any faults in the fence, please let us know immediately in order to follow up with the contractor.  We therefore, kindly ask parents to seek every possible means to ease the traffic.  e.g. leave a little earlier in the morning, car pooling, and, most importantly, be patient. 


Whatever options and precautions you take, please make sure to drop the children in in a safe location.  The contractor vehicles are not expected to utilise Road 4111.  They will be restricted to using a gate that is to be accessed via the service road along 16th of December highway.  Parents can drop their children, either at Gate 10, via 16 December Highway or use the Gates along Road 4111.  


If you have an suggestions regarding the traffic, you may email us at the Parents, Teachers and Students Association email -


I do take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous, safe and healthy new year.


Kindest regards,

Dr. Kamal Abdel-Nour

School President